The term 'online design' encompasses a range of formats that all involve reading information from a screen rather than the printed page. Such solutions offer a number of advantages, not least a sizeable reduction in production costs, but also the great benefit of hyperlinks that can whisk your reader to the next important step.

True online documentation almost always requires a different writing technique and structure to the printed word. My combined approach to documentation helps to ensure that all of the elements are correctly planned and implemented.

Complete dependency on computer devices, however, is not always appropriate to all products. This is where I can offer impartial advice and assistance. From Acrobat files to HTML help for PDA devices, I can help you to achieve the right balance, with the format that suits your audience.

My online portfolio includes several 'hybrid' Acrobat files [1] [2] [3] that use hyperlinks for online readers, but are also perfectly usable when printed out. For simplicity, examples of pure help files are not included in my online portfolio, however, they are available upon request. Please contact me for more information or a quotation on your next project.