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Heber Firefly 700 datasheet
Heber Limited, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

Brief: To create layout templates and first editions of a series of datasheets for Heber's range of gaming machine controllers. Due to the specialist and changeable nature of Heber's products, only short production runs are required of their numerous datasheets. However, to suit their clientele, a high quality production and finish is required at all times.

Solution: Following a period of consultation, a master format was devised and then a series of seven datasheets created to cover the product range. To solve the low production run/high quality issue, a suitable high quality digital print company was used to produce runs of each sheet ranging between 50 and 200 off.

Once complete, the creation files were handed over to Heber, who continue to update the datasheets in house.

Firefly datasheet