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PixelRange lighting fixtures
James Thomas Engineering, Worcester, UK
PixelRange website

Brief: To create user manuals covering the Pixel Range series of LED-based colour change lighting fixtures. Most of the products are hired out by rental companies for use in stage lighting. It is important that the sheets work equally well as set up guides for new users, as well as references for experienced operators.

Jane Monk, Marketing Manager at PixelRange, provided the following comment:

"I was amazed at the quality and accuracy of the user manuals that Steve produced from what can only be described as a sketchy design brief! A complete professional job from start to finish."

Jane Monk,
Marketing Manager,
James Thomas Engineering Limited

Lighting technician, Ed Jackson, was relieved to discover the new PixelRange guides on the James Thomas Engineering website and sent the following comment:

"I just went to look, on the off chance, to see if Thomas had done anything about their frankly rubbish manuals, and was delighted to discover your work. I've now downloaded the lot, not just the one I was looking for, and will be able to do more work now, and less explaining to other people - I'll simply lend them my USB flash drive and let them answer their own questions."

Ed Jackson
Lighting Technician

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See also an article created to explain the concept of LED lighting for the PixelRange website in 2009 (PDF available here)