user guides
Corporate Text and Design
Pace 56 Solo Mac modem
PMC Electronics Ltd, Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK

Brief: To develop a new user guide style for PMC's range of computer peripherals and produce a series of guides aimed at novice and semi-experienced Apple Mac/PC users.

Reviews: The March 1999 issue of MacUser magazine offered the following comment about the Pace 56 Solo Mac modem user guide: "...This proliferation of buttons and lights make using the Pace 56 Solo an intimidating prospect. However, the manual is excellent, and each button and light is clearly labelled - and, in the case of the lights, unusually, in plain English. All of this makes the Solo easy to set up and not too difficult to start using."

The June 1999 issue of Macformat magazine agreed and awarded 93% to the user guide with the comment: "The user manual, though, is truly superb, and Pace has obviously put a lot of effort into making the Mac user comfortable. It's comprehensive, well designed and very readable - a hearty pat on the back for that one."

Pace 56 Mac Modem user guide