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CyScan marine positioning system
Guidance Navigation Ltd, Leicester, UK
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Brief: To create a series of three highly targeted guides covering this complex vessel navigation and positioning system. The audiences are trained installers, navigation officers and on-board engineers who install, use and maintain the system respectively, on specially equipped merchant supply ships.

Solution: A4 landscape was chosen for its efficient use of viewable space on screen and also its ease of printing on any office printer. The three main documents are all hybrid in their use of hyperlinks (when viewed on screen) and that they are still very useable in their static form when printed.

Comment: Keith Phillips, Business Development Manager at Guidance Limited, provided the following comment:

"We have used Steve for a number of years to construct user manuals for all our products. We greatly appreciate his ability to convert sometimes complex, technical concepts into diagrams and text for use in international markets. Accurate, creative documents produced with fast turnaround and at a reasonable price. Great service; highly recommended."

Keith Phillips,
Business Development Manager
Guidance Limited, Leicester

CyScan installer's guide
CyScan operator's guide
CyScan engineer's guide