user guides
Corporate Text and Design
Pixel Range lighting fixtures
A series of five A4 booklets covering the range of LED-based stage lighting fixtures from James Thomas Engineering Ltd.
Acclaim Lighting range
A series of compact user guides to cover the extensive range of architectural LED lighting fixtures from Acclaim Lighting.
Wireless DMX range guide
A single user manual covering all models within the Wireless DMX range of wireless lighting control transmitters and receivers.
Procolour Comet lighting fixture
A full set of documentation and a website for this high power LED stage light.
Cooper Controls Inc.
A series of installation and user guides for commercial lighting control devices from Cooper Controls.
LumenRadio CRMX user guide
A compact user guide for this wireless lighting control system that uses intelligent frequency hopping to avoid interference.
AdderLink XDIP extender
One of a series of user guides for Adder's range of computer access devices serving numerous markets.
GCS CyScan marine positioning system
An A4 user guide for trained navigators using this ingenious laser-guided ship positioning system.
Pike wireless traffic signals
A series of colour user guides and laminated set up sheets for the market-leader in portable traffic control systems.
Pace 56 Solo Mac modem
An A5 two-colour modem user guide aimed at novice and intermediate Apple Mac users.
Disney D100 mobile phone
A user guide plus a folded map-style quick start for a mobile phone designed specifically for children.
VNC 4 remote access software
A series of A4 Acrobat (PDF) guides detailing the various aspects of this ingenious remote access application.
Philips personal pager
A miniature multi-lingual user manual that employs a graphical approach to reduce word count.
Chevin Research amplifier manual
An A5 user guide covering the entire range of performance amplifiers from Chevin Research.
AlertBox Business Communicator
An A5 landscape user guide covering this community-based alarm for non-technical users.