Text is naturally the key element of most documents. It is often the primary means by which information is conveyed and, if written badly, the quickest way to lose your readership. Good technical writing is not only concerned with how ideas and procedures are explained, but also how the information as a whole is ordered and layered.

As a freelance technical writer/technical author, the projects that I undertake vary greatly in subject matter, detail and style. However, if I had to identify a common thread among them, it would be 'the need to connect people with things'. The exact nature of the people (and their knowledge) and the details of the 'thing' (your product or service) are infinitely variable; it's connecting them that is the challenge.

The starting point is almost always a conversation with you. It is at this point that we would begin to define not only your product and its uses, but also your target audience of users. The latter is often difficult to clearly quantify, however, it is important to ensure that the writing is pitched at the correct level and specifically crafted for the required document.

In the creation process I offer a number of advantages:

Take full advantage of my services and you will find that your users increasingly turn to your documentation for their answers, rather than placing extra burden on your support department. Contact me now to discover more.

I firmly believe that past performance provides a very good indicator of future possibilities. That is why my online portfolio is packed full of previous projects and I urge you to take a look to see how I could help you.

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