"I was amazed at the quality and accuracy of the user manuals that Steve produced from what can only be described as a sketchy design brief! A complete, professional job from start to finish."

Jane Monk,
Marketing Manager,
James Thomas Engineering Ltd
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"I just went to look, on the off chance, to see if Thomas had done anything about their frankly rubbish manuals, and was delighted to discover your work. I've now downloaded the lot, not just the one I was looking for, and will be able to do more work now, and less explaining to other people - I'll simply lend them my USB flash drive and let them answer their own questions."

Ed Jackson
Lighting Technician
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"Having used Steve on previous projects I didn't hesitate to contact him when I needed
documentation and a website for my new product, the 'Comet'.

Steve has, as usual, done an excellent job, plus his work is always on or before time. Steve has many talents alongside his writing and illustrating. He is excellent on helping with product development. He has a good eye for detail and quite often suggests improvements, which get included.

All in all, if you're thinking of using Steve on your project, go ahead he will not disappoint."

Tony Horton,
Horton Engineering
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"We had been looking for a suitable long term documentation resource for some time but were unimpressed by other companies. It was immediately clear to us that Steve was different to the others - he quickly understood the brief and 'spoke the same language'.

The first manual produced for us by Steve revolutionised the appearance of our documentation and turned the previous 'technical' appearance into a more 'customer orientated' feel. He has a knack of explaining complex technical issues in a way that everyone can understand.

One of our customers recently commented 'It is the best manual for a technical product that I have ever seen' - a true accolade."

Nigel Dickens,
Technical Director,
Adder Technology Ltd
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"I have personally used CTD through two businesses I have been involved in, and I continue to come back to get the standards of products and services we rely on in our mobile business. Within our industry time and quality is of the essence and with CTD, I always know that what we ask them to do will be delivered as required and to very high standards. Their attention to detail combined with the ability to supply a total one stop quality solution for our documentation means there really are no others than can support our needs better than CTD...."

Nick Davey,
Chief Operating Officer,
Broadlink Research, FZ, LLC.
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"We required a clear instruction manual to convey an innovative concept and product. Corporate Text and Design exceeded our expectations - the result speaks for itself."
Peter Harris
Managing Director
AlertBox Ltd
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"The user manual, though, is truly superb, and Pace has obviously put a lot of effort into making the Mac user comfortable. It's comprehensive, well designed and very readable - a hearty pat on the back for that one."
Mac Format Magazine
June 1999
Extract from a review of the Pace 56 Solo Modem Mac. The user guide was awarded 93%.
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"...This proliferation of buttons and lights make using the Pace 56 Solo an intimidating prospect. However, the manual is excellent, and each button and light is clearly labelled - and, in the case of the lights, unusually, in plain English. All of this makes the Solo easy to set up and not too difficult to start using."
MacUser Magazine
March 1999
Extract from a review of the Pace 56 Solo Modem Mac.
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"We have used Steve for a number of years to construct user manuals for all our products. We greatly appreciate his ability to convert, sometimes complex, technical concepts into diagrams and text for use in international markets. Accurate, creative documents produced with fast turnaround and at a reasonable price. Great service; highly recommended."

Keith Phillips
Business Development Manager
Guidance Limited
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