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Brief: To develop a series of user guides for Adder's range of computer switching products. The various products are aimed at several markets ranging from home users to professional network engineers. The overall documentation style and approach was required to span the spectrum of customers - and make the products understandable to all.

Solution: Due to the extremely high possibility that all customers for these products own, or have access to a computer, the solution was to create a main manual in PDF format and post it on the Adder website.

Comment: Nigel Dickens, Technical Director at Adder Technology Limited, provided the following comment:

"We had been looking for a suitable long term documentation resource for some time but were unimpressed by other companies. It was immediately clear to us that Steve was different to the others - he quickly understood the brief and 'spoke the same language'.

The first manual produced for us by Steve revolutionised the appearance of our documentation and turned the previous 'technical' appearance into a more 'customer orientated' feel. He has a knack of explaining complex technical issues in a way that everyone can understand.

One of our customers recently commented 'It is the best manual for a technical product that I have ever seen' - a true accolade."

Nigel Dickens,
Technical Director,
Adder Technology Ltd

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